Current Exhibitions

Read below to learn more about our current exhibitions, the artists behind them, and when to see it.


Patti Campbell

Patti’s interest in art goes back many years. she enrolled in a New York college and majored in textile design. She left there to pursue a more artsy curriculum at New York Institute of Technology. She found that to be too confining as well.

Throughout the years, Patti has experimented with many forms of art including sculpting, topiaries and finally painting. It is through painting that Patti feels she can finally express herself satisfactorily.

Using mostly her hands, ( she sometimes uses brushes or other implements) she can at last express herself to others through her art. she hopes you enjoy her art as much as did creating it.


Laura Brush

Laura Brush was born in Northern New Jersey. Influenced by her mother’s love of art, she was always drawing and painting as a child. Later in high school she was encouraged by a wonder art teacher and eventually attended The Art Student’s League of New York.

Residing in Pennsylvania, Laura has participated in several shows in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Printmaking has always been her main interest, especially monotype and whittling woodblock prints, which she learned about in Provincetown, Massachusetts. 


Rev. Vikki Anderson

As a metaphysician for the past 45 years, Vikki Anderson has a solid background in astrology, tarot and Feng Shui.  Vikki's second tarot book, "How To Be A Tarot Detective," is available on for those interested in an easy, new method of reading the cards.  She has written the Inner Realm Magazine horoscopes for twenty years as well as many articles appearing on her seven blogs and other websites.  Vikki now teaches locally in Pennsylvania and does phone readings from her home.  


Russ Elliott

Russ Elliott (born 1932) is a painter and muralist whose work can be found in galleries, restaurants, clubs and hotels around the world. 
His murals can be seen in such places as:  Copacabana in New York City; Marissa Beck’s Grill 21 in New York City; The Hibiscus Restaurant in North Palm Beach Fl., commissioned by Carleton Vatney;  The Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia (comm. Varney); Trump Tower in New York (comm. Varney); Peters Island and the St. Croix Palm Mural at Rookwood restaurant (comm. Varney); The Carlyle Hotel New York; Le Chantilly Restaurant in New York City; The Irving Hotel in Southampton New York; and many more. Being Bloomingsale’s Artist in Residence for over 3 years, his work has been seen in galleries such as: The Rosenbaum Gallery, the Ambassador Gallery, the N.Y. Graphic Society, and Gallery 400. 

Exhibit opens:
August 19, 2017

Exhibit closes:
January 1, 2018


Janice Truszkowski

Artist’s Statement

While I was in high school I learned to throw pottery on the wheel. I really enjoyed it but found it easy for the clay to get off center and potentially ruin the piece. I still have two pottery pieces from then that were coming out well, until they got off center. Instead of giving up on them, I decided to start sculpting them to transform the imperfections into something interesting and beautiful in it's own way. I used texture along the body of the pottery and carved the openings at the top into flowing forms. I loved them!

When I was at Lafayette College completing my Bachelor's degree in Studio Art and Graphic Design, I had the opportunity to create an Independent Study class for a semester. I chose to devote myself to working on this technique again. I loved this process of starting off trying to make something beautiful and "perfect" but then instead of getting upset or frustrated when it turned into a disaster by most standards, I embraced the new direction that the clay had chosen and I followed the creative flow that arose. I used textures and cut the pottery and sculpted it into fantastical shapes that naturally flowed from what was a mishapened and off balanced lump of clay.

I have recently started working with this technique again and love the creative freedom that comes with giving up expectations and taking risks by going with the flow. I love the metaphors this process allows me to work with and apply to life, such as the terrifying beauty and freedom of giving up one's illusion of control and embracing the magic that happens with truly enjoying the journey. Or in finding the perfection hidden inside what initially seems imperfect or even a failure. To me, each of these pottery sculptures is a lovely and wild piece of creativity brought into form by my own hands and soul working together through this amazing process.